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About Us

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The IB Junior Committee represents the balanced, open-minded, and rigorous students in the Junior class. The goal of the committee is to provide service related class activities as well as events to unite the Junior class. While empowering all students to become reliable and to foster leadership roles.



As of the summer of 2018, The Academy of Richmond County has partnered with The Prince of Wales School in Sierra Leone, Africa. ARC and POW have joined in the signing of Memorandum of Understanding to twin the two schools. One of our prominent goals is to bring together diverse culture and learning styles of the two schools.


With the advanced placement of the POW school and the IB program offered at ARC, we hope to bring more education to young adults of Sierra Leone. The Junior Class Committee is excited to found the ARC-POW Scholarship Fund. We want this scholarship to go to a student in Sierra Leone in hopes to provide funds for his/her education at the Prince of Wales School.


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